To weave a story is indeed, a complicated a task. I always wonder at those storytellers and the script writers who enable us to take a flight into the world of reality versus imagination. Is it really possible to have a “spontaneous overflow of emotions” as William Wordsworth puts forth?

I don’t wish to take you to a mere world of fantasy. But, still you might feel like you are being traversed to a similar place. However, this particular story has been woven from deep within an individual who is my kindred spirit.

Being the first born, Ella was the most pampered one among her siblings. Moreover, she was a sensitive girl when compared to others, and always wanted to get even her least desires come true. Ella used to go to any extent to let it done. This growing trait of her gradually triggered to be a stumbling block to everyone around her as she was an adamant being.

“Ella, you should initiate a deliberate change in your character. If not, its gonna create a negative remark on your future. It will badly effect you.”

The constant reminder from her beloved ones turned Ella into an overthinker. She felt guilty even for the silly misdemeanors committed quite naturally. She turned to be a girl who was not able to withstand at least a trivial storm in her life. She cried ceaseless that even tears failed in front of her. She tried to find bliss in being alone. Yes, Ella always had a constant urge to take short flights into an isolated world where she could find solace and tranquility.

Hey, I warn you in advance not to prejudice Ella considering her as an introvert. She was not! She was a social butterfly,and all the more, a good listener where others used to find comfort by having short conversations with her.

(To be continued…)

Published by enigmatic__muse

A soul who is busy weaving her story, which is all the more enigmatic, but trying to make it explicit.

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