Lend your ears πŸ‘‚

Have you ever underwent the process of listening? If not, I recommend you to try it. Listening leads you grow to a further level. It helps you to analyze your current situation, and where you stand when compared to whom you are listening to. At times, it can also turn out to be a moment of revelation, when you realize the very fact that you are far ahead of others.

Hey, how mysterious are you? Have you ever thought of carving a story out of your own life? Just imagine the depth of it… Oh! Incredible! Is it possible to compare with any plot you have ever heard with your own ears?

“Listening others as if you are an empty being triggers when you have an untold story”. This untold story is embedded with whole lot of twists and turns, of which the climax is unpredictable,and is still in its process. Enacting or explaining without reaching its actual climax might land in a greater chaos. Instead of creating one such trouble within yourself and among others, its better to be a passive, but an active listener.

Leave your story unheard… untold. But, lend your ears to others around who are desperate enough to voice out.

Published by enigmatic__muse

A soul who is busy weaving her story, which is all the more enigmatic, but trying to make it explicit.

11 thoughts on “Lend your ears πŸ‘‚

    1. Yeah… Due to the fast pace of life, people have become more self-centered that they hardly find time to listen others. It’s high time that we lend our ears to our dear and near, especially during this pandemic.


    1. Yes, you’re absolutely right… We should definitely make sure of what they are saying… You’re welcome Pete…and thanks a lot for your wishes… πŸ˜‡And I am just a beginner in blogging… It would be highly encouraging if you provide me your opinions on my write ups.

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