She used to blabber a lot and nevertheless, she did not forget to lend her ears to the needed ones. She was involved in every activities that her name used to stand out. Friends used to fight in the name of her as everyone of them wanted Ella as their bosom friend. Yes, Ella was so unique that she stood different from the lot.

But, there was something else that used to provoke her innocent mind since childhood. Ella used to battle with an internal conflict that used to spoil her mental state. Brought up in a joint family, she always loved to have people around and was so fond of having guests at home. Their time of departure used to heavily hurt her that she cried for hours feeling a sense of loneliness within. At times, she used to feel alone even amidst a huge crowd. Furthermore, she had an intense fear on visiting a funeral residence. Her first visit to one such place is still fresh in her memories that it had been haunting her since her childhood and never dared to visit another until she became a teen. However, Ella being an empathetic kid, never shared her haunted thoughts with anyone as it might lead them to a state of gloom, in return. She always wished to make everyone around her happy as she could.

Tragic incidents had been a part of Ella as she began to encounter it from her early years. The heavy storm that blew across Aleswood was strong enough to snatch the life of Ella from her granny and brother, who were beside. But, she was miraculously saved that her parents always feel a sense of gratitude while they refer to Ella. She feels the divine presence within her that gives her the strength to move on.

Ella’s life is indeed, a series of incidents that will be shared with you in the coming days… Stay tuned to this blog🌠

Published by enigmatic__muse

A soul who is busy weaving her story, which is all the more enigmatic, but trying to make it explicit.

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