The early days of Ella was not confined to a single locale. Her family had to frequently shift from one place to another. She had spent the major half of her childhood in Bangalore which she still considers the most cherishable days of her life.

Overloaded with cuteness, Ella was the favorite of the seniors at school that they used to frequently visit her during short intervals. She still reminisce that incident when one of the seniors, Spoorthi took her outside the classroom, to capture her favorite junior. Though, she has never seen her later, Ella has captured that very moment in the depths of her heart. Since most of her life was weaved in Bangalore, the major aspect that she misses are also those days as they shifted back to their hometown. Her memories are photographic and fresh, as she still recalls every incident, names, schooldays, celebrations, and above all, she has not even forgotten to read and write Kannada, the language spoken by the people of Karnataka. She has never failed in maintaining contact with her friends. However, she feels sad at times, realizing the bond between her friends was broken after her departure, and Ella is the only one through whom they connect each other. She desperately miss those carols they used to have during Christmas. Every year, her mind wanders to the busy streets in Bangalore, where they had fun and frolic with the joy of Christmas within.Yeah…those late night carols, the practise before, and those silly fights for stealing chocolates from others’ hoodies.

The Onam celebrations were so grand that she used to feel proud being a Malayali. The train of malayali absentees at class where she feels like an alien eagerly waiting for the class to cease and run home to have the traditional Kerala meals that would be ready by then. Moreover, the celebrations at church can never be left out. She takes a flight in her wings of fancy where she becomes a part of all these celebrations though, physically in Kerala.

Ella’s parents were so sociable that even in Bangalore, her dad gained plenty of friends within a short span of time. The house was lively, surrounded with people who turned out to be their family. The days before the re-opening of school were fun as there used to be a huge lot gathered at home to cover the books of Ella and her siblings. Their living place was so close to the school, and was indeed, the usual place of chit-chat after school hours.

The school choir and the choir master, can never be forgotten while recollecting the days in Bangalore. Since the choir master was her dad’s friend, Ella used to think she would be left lenient during the practice hours. However, the master used to scold little Ella for not singing according to rhythm. Ella, who was a sensitive girl, could not bear even a silly offence as it used to badly hurt her. Even though, he wanted the best to come out of Ella, it was of no use as she was stubborn and sensitive enough thinking of the fact that he scolded her. Even though, her parents used to make her understand the reason for the annoyance, little Ella was not able to accept it.

Published by enigmatic__muse

A soul who is busy weaving her story, which is all the more enigmatic, but trying to make it explicit.

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