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Ella was always a keen observer, and she always used to keep an account of every individuals and incidents that she has come across in her short span of life. An old man, whom she fondly called “mittaayi appaappan” is still in her memories. Ella hardly knows this person, as she used to meet him only during her annual visits to her mother’s place. The positive impact created by this graceful man on little Ella, by giving chocolates, is hard to express in words. Though she hardly has anything to say about him, he is someone who can never be left out while referring to Ella.

Kalam ka”, is yet another man whom Ella’s mind has captured during her days in Bangalore. Her parents refer to him as an “angel”, who used to give them hope, when they were in the verge of distress. Years ahead, being settled in Kerala, the identity of “Kalam ka” is still unknown.

“Who is Kalam Ka? Where did he live? Why did he become so close to our family, and now we are not even able to trace him? Why do I still remember his name?”

Pondering over this God’s angel, Ella asks herself these questions. Ella’s firm belief in angels is another significant fact, that makes her reflect over everyone whom she has come across. She has an ardent desire to find him, and know more about him, if possible.

(NB: “Mittaayi appaappan” is a Malayalam word, which denotes an old man who used to give chocolates to Ella during her childhood.) *Mittaayi – Chocolate *Appaappan – grandfather. *Kalam Ka – “Ka/ ikka is an act of respect shown towards an elder brother.


To my best friend,

We can never be regarded as the so called cliche best friends… We hardly call each other… but still we know each other. On this very special day of yours, I don’t wanna tell how special you are to me as it becomes cliche to the core… But, I wish to tell you something else….

There were days I felt like you are not able to sense my feelings… Those days, when I cried like a naive… Yes, I badly craved for your call…I could hardly cry as even the tears failed in front of me… I thought of calling you during those days…but, I could not as you were happy in your own way… I never wanted to spoil your state of bliss by telling my insanities. Yes, I happened to change a lot…I always get the feel that you are not able to understand me… I don’t know why… But there is something, that makes me share everything with you at some point of time… I don’t want you to be my cliche best friend… You are something else.

I don’t wanna say that I love you…I just wanna say that I can never ever hate you❣️❣️❣️

With love,

Your best friend 😊


The early days of Ella was not confined to a single locale. Her family had to frequently shift from one place to another. She had spent the major half of her childhood in Bangalore which she still considers the most cherishable days of her life.

Overloaded with cuteness, Ella was the favorite of the seniors at school that they used to frequently visit her during short intervals. She still reminisce that incident when one of the seniors, Spoorthi took her outside the classroom, to capture her favorite junior. Though, she has never seen her later, Ella has captured that very moment in the depths of her heart. Since most of her life was weaved in Bangalore, the major aspect that she misses are also those days as they shifted back to their hometown. Her memories are photographic and fresh, as she still recalls every incident, names, schooldays, celebrations, and above all, she has not even forgotten to read and write Kannada, the language spoken by the people of Karnataka. She has never failed in maintaining contact with her friends. However, she feels sad at times, realizing the bond between her friends was broken after her departure, and Ella is the only one through whom they connect each other. She desperately miss those carols they used to have during Christmas. Every year, her mind wanders to the busy streets in Bangalore, where they had fun and frolic with the joy of Christmas within.Yeah…those late night carols, the practise before, and those silly fights for stealing chocolates from others’ hoodies.

The Onam celebrations were so grand that she used to feel proud being a Malayali. The train of malayali absentees at class where she feels like an alien eagerly waiting for the class to cease and run home to have the traditional Kerala meals that would be ready by then. Moreover, the celebrations at church can never be left out. She takes a flight in her wings of fancy where she becomes a part of all these celebrations though, physically in Kerala.

Ella’s parents were so sociable that even in Bangalore, her dad gained plenty of friends within a short span of time. The house was lively, surrounded with people who turned out to be their family. The days before the re-opening of school were fun as there used to be a huge lot gathered at home to cover the books of Ella and her siblings. Their living place was so close to the school, and was indeed, the usual place of chit-chat after school hours.

The school choir and the choir master, can never be forgotten while recollecting the days in Bangalore. Since the choir master was her dad’s friend, Ella used to think she would be left lenient during the practice hours. However, the master used to scold little Ella for not singing according to rhythm. Ella, who was a sensitive girl, could not bear even a silly offence as it used to badly hurt her. Even though, he wanted the best to come out of Ella, it was of no use as she was stubborn and sensitive enough thinking of the fact that he scolded her. Even though, her parents used to make her understand the reason for the annoyance, little Ella was not able to accept it.

To Ancy…

Neither we know each other apart from being just passive school friends. I am not even much aware regarding your family, residence, academics… Quite a handful of conversations we have had… Our friendship was limited to viewing status in whatsapp and having casual talks from church.

The days passed by… I don’t know the reason why your loss creates a great deal of deep sadness within me. Yes, you told me to pray… and you were in my mind from the very first day you told me about the surgery of your dad. I am not sure whether it can be a coincidence when you requested my prayers for his further condition as he was tested positive. Yes, it was the day I had already decided to convey your dad’s present status. You were always in my prayers.

I don’t know the reason why you asked me to pray,and I don’t wish to know. Yeah, it can be due to the daily stories of gospel quotes that I post as my status. I never thought in my wildest dreams that it will create a hope for someone at their hard times. But, the news of uncle’s demise broke me… I began to question myself the reason for which the prayer was not answered. I was in the midst of a conflict. I can fathom the extent to which you will be grieving at this moment. Words of consolation will never be of any aid…a ring to you can only increase your ache.

We might not be friends since ages… As I told, we hardly know each other… But, I believe there is a newfound bond between you and me that is created through prayers. I am always a call away from you. Please feel free to call me whenever you wish to … This message might not reach you. But, I don’t know the reason why I write my feelings here. Yes, everything happens for a reason. Uncle has reached far ahead than you and me… to intercede for us…

Aleesha ❤️


She used to blabber a lot and nevertheless, she did not forget to lend her ears to the needed ones. She was involved in every activities that her name used to stand out. Friends used to fight in the name of her as everyone of them wanted Ella as their bosom friend. Yes, Ella was so unique that she stood different from the lot.

But, there was something else that used to provoke her innocent mind since childhood. Ella used to battle with an internal conflict that used to spoil her mental state. Brought up in a joint family, she always loved to have people around and was so fond of having guests at home. Their time of departure used to heavily hurt her that she cried for hours feeling a sense of loneliness within. At times, she used to feel alone even amidst a huge crowd. Furthermore, she had an intense fear on visiting a funeral residence. Her first visit to one such place is still fresh in her memories that it had been haunting her since her childhood and never dared to visit another until she became a teen. However, Ella being an empathetic kid, never shared her haunted thoughts with anyone as it might lead them to a state of gloom, in return. She always wished to make everyone around her happy as she could.

Tragic incidents had been a part of Ella as she began to encounter it from her early years. The heavy storm that blew across Aleswood was strong enough to snatch the life of Ella from her granny and brother, who were beside. But, she was miraculously saved that her parents always feel a sense of gratitude while they refer to Ella. She feels the divine presence within her that gives her the strength to move on.

Ella’s life is indeed, a series of incidents that will be shared with you in the coming days… Stay tuned to this blog🌠


To initiate with, just ponder over that very moment you were in a relationship. He/she might have been the whole world to you. Moreover, you were not able to get detached from him/her even after being aware of the very fact that you are never gonna be united. Yes, you were badly addicted to this very person… Isn’t it?

Some addictions are so strong that it penetrates deep within our hearts, and is hard to gain control over this naked truth. However, once you succeed it, you do not have to bother about anything else as you have turned proficient enough to control your soul. The very next moment, you realize that losing this person was indeed, the greatest blessing that has ever happened in your life. Well, it is a complicated task, and is not quite simple as described. But once you come across, you will realize the hidden bliss behind.

Secondly, I want everyone to reflect on the manner in which you approach failures. Never get depressed brooding over this very fact. I assure you that the failure you happened to encounter is none other than a blessing in disguise. They are moulding you to a better person to gift something big. It is these failures that strengthen you to break your comfort zones. Never miss any opportunity to break it. Therefore, break your comfort zones and be brave to withstand any storm.

I was surrounded with dark shades of solitude when I began my 25 days challenge. The thought of doing something for my past Christmas, and thereby, gifting baby Jesus created an instinct within me to spring with a new initiative. Although, it had a good start, I received a heavy blow in the form of NET results. I did not need anything more to break. The situation turned more critical as I was not in a surrounding to shed even a single drop of tears…(the results got published in front of my students). I walked out to ring my Mom to break down as I felt all my dreams of being a college Professor got shattered into pieces. Her words of consolation enabled me to gather courage to resume the class.

Back home, I had an instinct to give up my 25 days challenge. Amidst this chaotic state of despair, it was my Mom’s words that glittered like a sunshine. She made me realize my uniqueness while I was just underestimating myself by comparing with my friends. Moreover, her words, “your talent is really unique and, is something that is not capable for everyone to do. Don’t give up…Go on…” These words renewed my strength and enabled me to complete it.

Nonetheless, I witnessed the blessings that came on my side when I decided not to give up. Furthermore, it boosted my confidence to confront any challenge even amidst hostile circumstances. It also led me to a deeper understanding where I realized that no one else will support you like your family. They are the only ones who rejoice in your success. Do not expect anything in return and never rely on others at any phase in your life. After all, you will come across the right persons at every stage. Yes, it was indeed, an eye-opener.

Losing is always a blessing… A blessing in disguise.

Lend your ears 👂

Have you ever underwent the process of listening? If not, I recommend you to try it. Listening leads you grow to a further level. It helps you to analyze your current situation, and where you stand when compared to whom you are listening to. At times, it can also turn out to be a moment of revelation, when you realize the very fact that you are far ahead of others.

Hey, how mysterious are you? Have you ever thought of carving a story out of your own life? Just imagine the depth of it… Oh! Incredible! Is it possible to compare with any plot you have ever heard with your own ears?

“Listening others as if you are an empty being triggers when you have an untold story”. This untold story is embedded with whole lot of twists and turns, of which the climax is unpredictable,and is still in its process. Enacting or explaining without reaching its actual climax might land in a greater chaos. Instead of creating one such trouble within yourself and among others, its better to be a passive, but an active listener.

Leave your story unheard… untold. But, lend your ears to others around who are desperate enough to voice out.


To weave a story is indeed, a complicated a task. I always wonder at those storytellers and the script writers who enable us to take a flight into the world of reality versus imagination. Is it really possible to have a “spontaneous overflow of emotions” as William Wordsworth puts forth?

I don’t wish to take you to a mere world of fantasy. But, still you might feel like you are being traversed to a similar place. However, this particular story has been woven from deep within an individual who is my kindred spirit.

Being the first born, Ella was the most pampered one among her siblings. Moreover, she was a sensitive girl when compared to others, and always wanted to get even her least desires come true. Ella used to go to any extent to let it done. This growing trait of her gradually triggered to be a stumbling block to everyone around her as she was an adamant being.

“Ella, you should initiate a deliberate change in your character. If not, its gonna create a negative remark on your future. It will badly effect you.”

The constant reminder from her beloved ones turned Ella into an overthinker. She felt guilty even for the silly misdemeanors committed quite naturally. She turned to be a girl who was not able to withstand at least a trivial storm in her life. She cried ceaseless that even tears failed in front of her. She tried to find bliss in being alone. Yes, Ella always had a constant urge to take short flights into an isolated world where she could find solace and tranquility.

Hey, I warn you in advance not to prejudice Ella considering her as an introvert. She was not! She was a social butterfly,and all the more, a good listener where others used to find comfort by having short conversations with her.

(To be continued…)


“Life is an epic for every individual who thinks… an epic which can never be shortened to fiction”

Hi everyone,

I am Aleesha W Karerakkattil, who wishes to write under the pseudonym “enigmatic muse”. You might be wonderstruck at this mysterious name… right? Well, as the name indicates you will enter into a world of mysteries, which will be revealed by the end of this blog. The primary reason behind this daily musings is to introduce you to some individuals I came across, and ceaseless treasure hunts that are yet to be solved.

Thus, I welcome you all to dive into this epic journey to the “Zone of the Unknown”🌠